Daniel Island – the chosen destination for second homes

Full of lush scenery and gorgeous river marshes, Daniel Island South Carolina is the chosen destination for second homes to many people from all over the United States. The island itself was in fact originally purchased in 1947 as the private residence for the Guggenheim family. After Harry Frank Guggenheim passed away, the land was passed on to his foundation that chose to develop the island responsibly in maintaining and protecting the precious seaside environment. Thus the foundation has developed the island with minimal environmental damage. The Guggenheims probably chose this location as one of their second homes because of its 23 mile stretch of waterfront, or perhaps because of the accessibility to Charleston metro area. Whatever the allure was for that family 70 years ago, it is still brimming with wildlife and profuse landscapes today and remains a charming location for a private residence. The historic area of Charleston has successfully expanded to Daniel Island without building a detrimental sprawl, or without harming the priceless waterside environment.

Situated just outside of Charleston, Daniel Island South Carolina is partially a protective habitat for waterfront animals including the bald eagle, the red-cocked woodpecker and the American alligator. The state of South Carolina has more than twenty wildlife refuges protecting marshes, hardwoods, croplands and oil fields. Even during a short vacation rental visitors can attest to seeing hawks, songbirds and wild turkeys all throughout the year. It is the perfect private residence location for those that enjoy marine wildlife cruises. On a fishing boat or river cruise its incredibly common to see clusters of dolphins dancing to the wakes of the seafarers.

Timeshare and fractional owners can even attend the wildlife exposition near Daniel Island, which showcase the prided fauna of the region. The exposition supports the conservation of Southeastern wildlife and the environment through education and financial donations to related programs. In addition, it is one of the premier wildlife art venues of the United States. Thus art and nature lovers alike can enjoy the resources and venues native to the area.

The recreational resources on Daniel Island include hundred of acres of parks and 23 miles of rivers. There lies a distinct mix of building styles among vacation rentals and second homes. There are more than 200 restaurants in Charleston’s historic district, so if the landscape and wildlife are enough to lure in visitors, food may be another important factor in visiting the area. The metropolitan area includes world-class shopping and dining, with highly ranked gold within a short drive.

One of the best ways to enjoy all the numerous attractions of the Charleston and the surrounding area of Daniel Island is through a private residence or fractional timeshare. To learn more, visit [http://www.charlestonfractionalownership.com] The Charleston Club is a Private Residence or timeshare with fractional ownership featuring all inclusive vacation packages and Club on Daniel Island South Carolina.

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